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Now there is no excuse for not taking notes when you study the game of chess. And of course you can also take advantage of everyone else's notes as well. So get connected and polish your skills!

As an introduction you can use my Study Center featuring the Ruy Lopez Chess Opening. Click on "Annotate" at the bottom of the page, and the iChess Viewer will open. From here, you can create diagrams, PGN files, FEN notations, and/or publish a game directly complete with notes.

Next, click on "Publish" to use the Chess Flash Publisher. Here you can copy & paste your PGN file from the iChess Viewer into the indicated space, and customize the look of the Flash Viewer to suit your needs. Finally, click on "Network" which will open this page and copy & paste the 'html code' from either the iChess Viewer or the Chess Flash Publisher into your post entry.

NOTE: If you use the iChess Viewer in your blog make sure your blog template is a stretch template. Blogger's regular sized templates will not accommodate the viewer's width. Chess Publishing Network uses the following template: "Minima Lefty Stretch".

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Using The iChess Publisher From GameKnot

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